About our Club

The Westosha Flying Club was founded in 1969. We are a not-for-profit organization that puts all of the club money right back into the aircraft. We believe that safety is top priority, and no shortcuts are taken on maintenance.

We have online-based scheduling for convenience.

The club has very few flight rules in addition to the FAA rules. We want our members to take full advantage of the privileges that the FAA gave them.

The flying club has instructors to take you from the beginning or to your more advanced ratings.

Club documents: Email us if you want a copy of the Club rules and Bylaws


In the spring of 1969 the seed for the Westosha Flying club was planted in the minds of a couple of folks that hung a round small farm strip west of Wilmot, Wisconsin. Dick Davis, the owner of the farm had a 2000’ grass runway, which he had put in for his own use. Soon some other pilots ask if they could tiedown there airplanes on the farm. This was the beginning of the Westosha Airport. Next a couple of hangers were being built. The contractor and a couple of folks that hung around started talking to Dick about getting a few people together that had $500 and buy an airplane. Over the summer there was a lot of talk and planning and on September 21, 1969 a 1960 Cessna 150A, N6663T was purchased for $3700 and the Westosha Flying Club was born. 

On October 10, 1969 the first organized meeting of the Westosha Flying Club was held in the basement of the farmhouse. Officers were elected and associate instructors were approved. Scheduling was done on a calendar that was tacked up inside the door of the farmhouse. Much confusion and growing pains followed in the first year. Some rules had to be made and the money situation had to be figured out.

In the early days the cost of membership was $100. Monthly dues were set at $10 per month and if you flew one hour in that month the dues were $5. The best part, The Cessna 150 cost $5/hr. Remember this was 1969, aviation fuel was $0.48.

In 1970 a hangar was built for the airplane. Hangar rent had to be paid, and the best way to do that was with more members. It was starting to grow.

In June of 1971, bylaws were drafted and voted on by the membership. The farm field was staring to look like an airport. Also there was talk started to purchase another airplane. In September a Cessna 172 was purchased for $8500 and cost the members $12/hr to fly. The Club was growing fast.

In February of 1972 a building was completed that was the home of the Westosha Flying Club. In April of 1972 the decision to purchase a 3rd airplane was made because of the rapid growth of the Club. Membership has grown to 50.               

Over the next several years the Club continued to grow fast and more airplanes were added. The farm field grew into an airport with as many as 50 airplanes based on the field.  In 1975 the airport put a hard surface runway and runway lights. This turned the Club into a year around operation. It also made the club grow even faster. People were joining the Club that live 70 to 80 miles away from the airport.

In June of 2018, the Westosha airport closed and the club moved from its life-long home in Wilmot WI to the south ramp at the Kenosha Regional Airport.

Today the club has grown to over 100 members with 5 airplanes.  Although Dick has passed away, many of the people who were here when the club and airport was born are still around.  The club has trained hundreds of pilots and has tried many different things over the years.  And although the cost of flying has gone up, and many regulations have been added, the flying club has maintained the same “I just like to fly” atmosphere that makes it one of the best places to fly in the country.