Below are the current WFC rates
Last Published 07/18/2020

Initiation $180.00 non refundable
Dues $ 60.00 per month

Aircraft rates:

Cessna 152 (1) $90.00/hr
Cessna 172P (2) $100.00/hr
Cessna 172SP (2) $120.00/hr

Instructor rates $50.00/hr

*Aircraft rates include fuel (up to $5.50/gal) and oil
*Flight time is billed monthly
*Dues are billed monthly
*Instructors are paid directly, only approved instructors can give dual in club aircraft.

Insurance Co: Aviation Insurance Managers, Inc.

Coverage: Property Damage and Bodily Injury

$100,000 Each Person
$1,000,000 Property Damage
$1,000,000 Each Accident

The limit of liability for the individual club member is set at the insurance deductible

Requirements: All club Aircraft

Minimum Total Time Logged 5 hours
Minimum Time in Make & Model 1 hour